New Website!

Hello world! Finally after some serious delay due to work, we are ready to launch this brand new website for monkeybassness basses and hopefully guitars in the near future . We just gave birth to the first monkeybassness of 2023 which is a special one. Lefthand fretless 4 string with colour code note system. Woods used in this bass are Karelian Birch from Denmark and Bogoak from Diksmuide (BE). The headless hardware is from WSC and under the wooden pick-up ramp there’s a Delano MM quad coil pick-up. Passive electronics.
Although the bass looks very simple, it was a bit off an challenge to build this one. Please keep an eye on the site as i am starting to do some stock builds. Will be continued.
Many thanks to an old bass student: Robbe Desmet for making this website!