I was referred to you by E. Pruitt and demoed his n22. Needless to say, I was BLOWN AWAY! I hope we can work together in the future! Talk soon!

Christopher Franklin

on N22 @ NAMM 2024

Thanks!! Yea I liked playing your bass! It sounds amazing!!!

Jonathan LZ

on N22 @ NAMM 2024

Ciao Deldaele! Thank you, I really loved the bass E Pruitt gave us to try Gr amps, it has a really good sound and it’s comfortable to play

Robert de Rosa

(endorser GR bass) on N22 @ NAMM 2024

I Love your bass. The body is perfect and the tone is excellent.

I would love to have one of your basses!

Shaun gotti calloway

on N22 @ NAMM 2024


Bass came in just about an hour ago. It’s Beautiful, Plays Like Butter, Weight us Fantastic, Tone is Amazing (Even if they’re not Bartolini) Neck profile is Perfect! An Excellent Bass!! I’m Speechless! WOW! I’ll take some pics and get some promo done this weekend.. Thank you so much my friend!!

E. Pruitt AR Bartolini

(owner of 22)

Thank you very much to let me play on the bass! I liked it a lot! I’ve found the circuit intriguing. Congratulations!

Philip Mann

on N22 @ NAMM 2024