How to order

If you have questions or have an interest in one of my stock builds or a completely new build. Send an e-mail to or fill in the form.

I will try to get in touch as soon as possible.

We can discuss and adjust everything until we have and agreement. Please check my catalog for the different Models.

13 + 14 =


Although my instruments are handbuild, they are some things that I don’t do and stuff you should be aware of.


4,5 and 6 strings are all possible. More strings is also a possibility but be aware of the price increasement due to extra material costs.


Lefthand is no problem and I’m not asking more money for this (as many other companies do). So, there is no discrimination between right- or left-handed players.


All models can be a headless version when desired.

Scale Length

Different scale lengths are possible 30, 32, 34 and 35 inch or in metric system 850mm (between 32 and 34 inch) and 880mm (between 34 and 35 inch). Fanned frets are also becoming a possibility in the near future.


Mostly I use laminated neck construction as quartersawn wood is becoming rare and hard to get wood (and expensive). Carbon rods for adding stiffness to the neck is an option. As for one-piece necks I use carbon rods as a standard to be sure that the neck is stiff enough.


For pick-ups, electronics and hardware I use high standard material like Delano, shaller, Noll, Glockenkalng,… 

Be aware to oversea company’s like Bartolini, Nordstrand, Aguilar,… cost more than mainland Europe company’s due to transport costs.

Neck Options

Neck thru, set-neck and bolt on neck construction are all possible.

No inlay work

I do not offer special inlay work, so I keep it simple with dots. But you can always ask if you have a question or desire about that.

No painting

I don’t paint my instruments because I try to use pieces of wood that are actually looking good, too good to put it away after a thick layer of paint. Other different finishes as oil, (transparent) varnish like French polish or color stain are possible.

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