About Me

Monkeybassness is a small bass (and guitar) building company led by one man: Stijn Deldaele. Monkeybassness is based in Belgium (mainland Europe)

My Mission

“My goal is to make instruments that are a pleasure to play, versatile in use and good looking.

With a production level of 6 to 7 instrument builds a year I try to maintain the quality level high and it’s not my interest to build in large quantities. So, I can make some personalized touches to the instruments. The instruments don’t leave my workplace until I’m satisfied myself.”

Stijn Deldaele

Meet The Maker

Stijn Deldaele is a professional bass player for more than 20 years. Besides that, he also teaches bass guitar and music at the conservatory of Bruges and Kortrijk. For 10 years, Stijn wrote reviews and tested bass gear for Meet Music Magazine which was distributed in the Benelux. This way many basses passed by his hands. This knowledge, combined with a high school education of mechanical worker, led to an inspirational journey of building instruments. Starting naturally with learning to set up and upgrading his own basses, to making basses from parts until the last step evolving into building his own basses. Soon after the first builds Stijn started to get demands for building basses for other people. In 2021 stijn could call “Monkeybassness” officially his own brand.